Young Adult

Catholic Fiction for teens:

A Soldier Surrenders: The Conversion of St. Camillus de Lellis
by Susan Peek
Published in 2015 by Catholic Vitality Publications

Soldiering, gambling, brawling, drinking. As a young man, Saint Camillus excelled at them all. Add to that his fiery temper and innate knack for getting in trouble, and Camillus de Lellis seems the last person who could ever achieve holiness! But God had plans for the stubborn young soldier, whether Camillus liked it or not . . .
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Erin’s Ring by Laura H. Pearl
Published in 2014 by Bezalel Books

Young teens Molly and Theresa set out to discover the origins of a mysterious Irish Claddagh ring, but they unearth a story that is far stranger and infinitely more touching than anything they could have ever imagined.
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Past Suspicion by Therese Heckenkamp
Originally published in 2003 by Publish America
Republished in 2012 by Ivory Tower Press

“Don’t trust anyone…” So whispers Robin’s mother just moments before she dies.
Uprooted from all she’s ever known, 17-year-old Robin Finley is sent to her mother’s old hometown to live with an uncle she’s never met. The town is small, but it shelters big secrets. Robin encounters two mysterious young men, a tragic mansion, and disturbing questions about the past.

Frozen Footprints by Therese Heckenkamp
Published in 2012 by Tumblar House

When a wealthy young man disappears and a ransom note shows up, his twin sister’s world is shattered. Fearing the worst, Charlene determines to find her brother before it’s too late. Her quest hurls her into a twisted, frigid world of icy terror.

Crusader King: A Novel of Baldwin IV and the Crusades
by Susan Peek
Published in 2009 by TAN Books

A powerful historical novel about the unusual life of King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, the leper crusader king who – despite ascending to the throne at only 13, his early death at 24 and his debilitating disease – performed great and heroic deeds in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.
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Saint Magnus, The Last Viking by Susan Peek
Published in 2014 by Catholic Vitality Publications

In this fast-paced new novel by the highly popular Susan Peek, the conflict unfolds between Magnus Erlendson, a heroic young prince aflame with the love of God, and his outlawed cousin Hakon, who blames Magnus for his banishment from their kingdom. What follows is a tale of betrayal and revenge, bravery and forgiveness, as Magnus seeks to restore his father’s vanquished kingdom to it’s rightful hands.

The Samurai and the Tea: A Legacy of Japan’s Early Christians
by Cathy Brueggemann Beil

Published in 2003 by Cereus Publications

The Samurai and the Tea is a historical novel. Michael, a Japanese American boy of mixed ancestry, wants to be strong as a Samurai. When a mysterious Tea Ceremony set carries him back in time to the days of the real Samurai, Michael learns there is more to the Samurai than he’d ever imagined.

Under a Changing Moon
by Margot Benary-Isbert

Originally published in 1964
Republished in 1998 by Bethlehem Books

The Shadow of the Bear
by Regina Doman

Originally published in 1997 under the title Snow White and Rose Red
Republished in 2002 by Bethlehem Books

The Shadow of the Bear is the story of two sisters in New York City, timid Blanche and fearless Rose, who meet a mysterious stranger, Bear, who comes to their door one snowy night.

Black as Night
by Regina Doman

Originally published in 2004 by Bethlehem Books
Republished by Chesterton Press

In Black as Night, seven friars working among the homeless in New York City discover a runaway girl on their doorstep.

Waking Rose
by Regina Doman

Published in 2007 by Chesterton Press

Waking Rose is about a vibrant young woman who has a tragic accident and falls into a coma. The only person who can help is a young man who is too afraid to be anyone’s knight in shining armor.

The Midnight Dancers
by Regina Doman

Published in 2008 by Chesterton Press

The Midnight Dancers is a modern retelling of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” The clever plot combines summer romance with the deeper question of: why do some find goodness to be boring?

Alex O’Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves
by Regina Doman

Pulished in 2010 by Chesterton Press

Alex O’Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves is a high-tech thriller for ages 13 and up. Alex returns from college to find that his dad, a computer hacker and software programmer, has inadvertently discovered a mysterious website which leads to sudden wealth. But at what cost?
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The Blood Red Crescent
by Henry Garnett

Published in 2007 by Sophia Institute Press

The Blood Red Crescent, set in the 1500s, is about a fourteen-year-old boy who becomes involved in the legendary Battle of Lepanto. In this historical tale of Catholic heroism, courage, and holiness, readers of all ages will be reminded that when the Faith is threatened, extraordinary valor may be demanded of any one of us, even the very young.

Crossbows and Crucifixes:
A Novel of the Priest Hunters and the
Brave Young Men Who Fought Them

by Henry Garnett

Published in 2009 by Imagio / Sophia Institute Press

Crossbows and Crucifixes–What a title! In this adventure for all ages, the author brings to life the drama of a nation where unjust laws forced good men and women to choose between their country and their Faith, and young people heed early and well the call to heroism that Christians must be ever ready to heed. Set in 1585 England.

Finding Grace
by Laura Pearl

Published in 2012 by Bezalel Books

At the age of thirteen, Grace Kelly (who has been saddled with the name of a world-renowned beauty, but is far from one herself ) is inspired by an offhand comment from her father to become a saint. Read our review here.

A Soldier Surrenders: The Conversion of Saint Camillus de Lellis by Susan Peek
Published in 2007 by Ignatius Press
The story of St. Camillus is one that is filled with an intriguing combination of drama, military battles, sickness and disease, conversion to God, and great charity for countless suffering people, be they dying soldiers, prisoners or patients in the hospitals that he founded.

Crown of the World: Knight of the Temple
by Nathan Sadasivan

Published in 2009 by Arx Publishing

Crown of the World is a vivid Crusade story about Godfrey de Montferrat, a young Templar knight who swore an oath to defend the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The Rose Round
by Meriol Trevor

Originally Published in 1963
Republished by Bethlehem Books