The Gift of Summer Snow: A Tale from the Garden of Mysteries
by Donna Alice Patton
Published in 2010 by Philothea Press

This mystery novel, a girl-detective story with depth, takes young readers on suspense-filled ride. It goes beyond entertainment to teach valuable life-lessons. Becky McGuffey is an ordinary eleven-year-old who likes to grow flowers and enter them at the county fair. She especially loves roses because they’re beautiful and because they remind her of her favorite saint–St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, also known as the Little Flower. Everything’s coming up roses until Becky discovers that someone has been snipping her prize-winning rose, Summer Snow. She sets out to catch the culprit…

Convent Boarding School
Life With Nuns of Another Time
by Virginia A. Kenny

Originally published in 1944 by Sheed & Ward, Inc.
Republished by Roman Catholic Books

The Weka-Feather Cloak: A New Zealand Fantasy
by Leo Madigan

Published in 2002 by Bethlehem Books

Secret of Pooduck Island
by Alfred Noyes

Published in 1959 by Neumann Press

The Secret of Pooduck Island involves animals, Indians, and white men in colonial times. An odd but priceless adventure mystery for all ages.

Search for the Madonna
by Donna Alice Patton

Published in 2010 by Behold Publications/Ecce Homo Press

Search for the Madonna, set during the Great Depression, is an adventure novel for ages 10 and up. Dreaming of a bright future without anymore worries, Maggie is determined to unlock the secrets of the legendary lost Brandenburg treasure.


The Cottage at Bantry Bay
by Hilda van Stockum

Originally published in 1938
Republished in 1995 by Bethlehem Books

The Cottage at Bantry Bay is said to be for readers 9-12, but all ages will enjoy it. This is a family novel in the truest sense. The whole family will enjoy the adventures of the O’Sullivan family of Glengarriff, County Cork, Ireland.


Sun Slower, Sun Faster
by Meriol Trevor

Originaly published in 1955 by Sheed & Ward
Republished in2004 by Bethlehem Books

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