Biographical information about your favorite Catholic authors:

Val Bianco

Val Bianco is a father of ten and the author of the Catholic thriller, Sons of Cain. For more information, visit his website at

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Regina Doman

Regina Doman is a very productive writer who lives with her large Catholic family in Front Royal, Virginia. Visit to learn more!

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Therese Heckenkamp

Therese Heckenkamp is a Catholic wife, mother, and author of  Past Suspicion and Frozen Footprints. A traditional Catholic homeschooled student, Therese won numerous writing awards while growing up. Therese lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two young children. She continues to work on writing projects, including new novels and various websites.
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Donna Alice Patton

Donna Alice Patton is the author of two children’s mystery novels (The Search for the Madonna and The Gift of Summer Snow) and one adult mystery novel (Roses are Red, Diamonds are Blue) so far. For more information, visit her website at

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Susan Peek

Susan Peek is the author of three historical fiction novels: Crusader King: A Novel of Baldwin IV and the Crusades, A Soldier Surrenders: The Conversion Story of Saint Camillus De Lellis, and Saint Magnus The Last Viking. Visit her here.

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Gerard D. Webster
Gerard Webster, author of In-Sight,  has been a Peace Corps volunteer, a soldier, a businessman, and an addictions counselor. Most of all: he’s a husband to his wife, Anne, and a father to their 5 children. He lives with his wife in Jacksonville, Florida.

In-Sight has received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval!
In-Sight is also a Readers Favorite 2009 Award Winner!

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The below 1949 book is a wonderful guide to Catholic authors and literature:

Catholic literature moves the heart of man, impels the will and exalts us to action. With hundreds of book reviews, illustrations, portraits, essays and histories, these guides are a vital presentation of Catholic literature:

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  1. Would you be interested in reviewing the novel, IN-SIGHT, a modern prodigal son story set in Jacksonville, FL? It’s received the seal of approval from the Catholic Writers Guild and won second place in the Creative Arts Council 2009 Book Awards. For more information, you can visit my web-site at It’s also available on and has received 10 reviews to date (9 five-star and 1 two-star). If interested, I’ll be more than happy to send you a copy. Just let me know to whom and where I should have it mailed.
    Thank you!
    Ora et labora!
    Gerard Webster

  2. I’d be happy to! I’ve emailed you the necessary info.


  3. Message:I would like to submit my novel, SONS OF CAIN, for review. It is a Catholic thriller, highly relevant to today’s political debate and completely faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium. The book reviews are available on Amazon. I would be happy to send a copy, either by mail or electronically. Thank you. Val Bianco,author.

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