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Past Suspicion by Therese Heckenkamp

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Past Suspicion has received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval!

Reviews of Past Suspicion:

“Being home-schooled, Heckenkamp probably understands something about the brilliant recluse. It shows in her writing. Her heroine is sensitive, angry, hurt, intelligent, stubborn, curious, and has a large heart underneath all of her confusion. She is a typical seventeen year old…Heckenkamp captures the angst of those years beautifully. Her plot is solid, and is very movie or television friendly…lots of action; pathos; conflict; glamour; etc. It’s all there, and Heckenkamp is a confident and sure writer. She has no trouble keeping all of her balls in the air and resolving them at the end of this page-turner with a flair. Her denouement is terrifying, exciting, and then whoosh…she brings in the romantic element with panache.

Past Suspicion is a terrific first mystery/novel from a very promising talent. It is a particularly compelling achievement considering Ms. Heckenkamp has her future ahead of her. Bravo!”
– The Midwest Book Review

“Heckenkamp is a solid, engaging writer who has created well-developed characters and interesting plot lines. This is impressive considering that she began writing this novel as a teenager, finishing it by the time she was 22. Catholicism was skillfully woven into the story; it wasn’t preachy or over the top.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for an interesting, engaging read with a cast of well-defined characters. I look forward to the author’s future novels!”
– Ellen Gable, author of Stealing Jenny, In Name Only, and Emily’s Hope.

“Past Suspicion is billed as a suspense for young adult readers, yet . . . would be welcome by older fans of thrillers as well . . . a remarkable debut.”
– Kathryn Lively, author of Saints Preserve Us: an Ash Lake Mystery and Dangerous Words.

“Past Suspicion is a riveting mystery that will keep readers turning pages. An outstanding effort by a first-time novelist!”
– Regina Doman, author of The Shadow of the Bear and other Catholic novels for teens.

“Past Suspicion” is suitable for readers 12 and up and can hold the attention of readers through age 100. I found this novel refreshing and commend Ms. Heckenkamp for not sullying the story with profanity.”
– E. Dian Moore, Christian Freelance Writer and Editor.

“[Heckenkamp] captures the torn emotions of the main character and the rising sense of danger very adeptly.”
– Margot Davidson, reviewer for love2learn.net

“Though the story evolves well and comes to a satisfying climax and conclusion, the real appeal of this book is the character study. The first person narrative is smooth and plausible. . . . Robin is bright, funny, sad, inquisitive and sometimes, scared, but above all, she is authentic. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages. . . . Robin Finley is both likeable and complex and the story is creative and cohesive, but the writing itself. . . is outstanding! Good stories aren’t too hard to find, but a good writer, now that’s a treasure! I salute Ms. Heckenkamp and look forward to her next work.”
Val Bianco, author of Sons of Cain

Read the CatholicFiction.net review of the Catholic young adult suspense novel Past Suspicion!

This review was written by Catholic author Ellen Gable and is featured on the website CatholicFiction.net:

Past Suspicion is an intriguing young adult thriller which tells the story of orphaned 17-year-old Robin Finley. Before her mother dies, she whispers, “Don’t trust anyone. . . .”

Read the full review here.

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